Feel Like A Happy Cry?

Oh this is SO lame.

But I am done trying to give myself reasons for not sharing.

Here we go!

Top three videos that make me happy-cry!!

It helps if you understand that music has magical power over me.

Mostly singing, in fact, ALL singing. No Susan Boyle, that was good though and funny to see stereotypes brought down but not, for me, on the giggly and teary scale.

If you have some wine handy and it’s after 12, I will wait while you grab a glass.

Number 1.

Paul Potts.

From Carphone Warehouse to Net worth of £6 million in April 2012. Fuck Yeah.


Number 2.

Danyl Johnson.

Who? Well he didn’t do so much after this, check out his wikipedia. BUT this audition is Off-The-Freaking-Dial. You go girl.


Number 3.

Bella Ferraro from X Factor Australia this year.

The comp is still going and Bella has had her ups and downs. I love this audition for all of its honesty. Her shaking hands and darting eyes, Ronan’s glee at experiencing something beautiful finally. I just love it.


Hope you enjoyed!!

x B


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