Spontaneous Lettuce!! And other gardening Joys….

Hellooooo all. Happy Sunday (or whatever day you are reading this on) to you! I am nursing a slight hangover this morning as I got carried away last night when I realised that not only was there a movie of my FAVE John Grisham book, The Rainmaker, but that it was on tv AND starting at the EXACT moment my arse hit the couch. FUCK YEAH. The book, naturally, shat all over the movie but I was happy enough to watch Matt Damon, Danny Devito, John Voight and Mickey Rourke enjoy themselves. It was fun. The wine helped. Anyway, the overindulgence means that there is NO WAY I can handle anything too intense this morning. So I have decided to put up a post about our garden! We have a phenomenon in our garden that we like to call ‘Spontaneous Lettuce’. As you can probably imagine this involves random bits of curly lettuce fighting their way up and out of the ground. ALL OVER THE PLACE. It’s fantastic. It goes to war with anything – Oregano, Onions, Garlic, Pumpkins, THE CEMENT PATH!


I am fairly sure that this is the result of some composting by the previous tenants but I am only guessing. I have never experienced it before. But I am going to stop buying seedlings of interesting leafy greens and just let it happen. This is going to be the “Summer of Curly Lettuce Salads”.

Yesterday I planted an additional seven tomato plants; Black Russians, Sweet Cherry, Grosse Lisse and Big Beef. While I was purchasing said plants I had an interesting exchange with the attendant at the big box hardware store I bought them from. It went like this; “ahhh tomatoes” “yes, it’s amazing how many varieties there are” “I know we sell so many of them” “I love the Black Russians” “Oh really? Do they taste different?” “um, yes, they do” “Oh,wow. That’s interesting. I had always thought that a tomato was a tomato!” I picked my jaw up off the floor and did some weird uncomfortable giggle then took my shock the fuck out of there. This woman has worked, for twenty sum years selling the fucking plants and she NEVER knew that different varieties had DIFFERENT flavour????? I still face palm at the thought. Or shudder, depending upon which aspect I am focused on. Stupidity or ignorance.

Here’s some more pics of our garden. Cauliflower, Parsley varieties, More Tomatoes (and weeds), Artichoke, snow peas, broad beans, onions and garlic. I’ll keep posting about the garden and you can watch it grow too!! (See if you can spot any sneaky spontaneous lettuce). Thanks for reading!! See you soon. B.



3 thoughts on “Spontaneous Lettuce!! And other gardening Joys….

  1. This could be the start of something big – you could call it “Permaculture”. It certainly beats my garden in which everything I planted died – 2 lots of broad beans, 2 lots of garlic, 18 raspberry canes. It is something to do with drainage – most of the grass in the neighbouring paddock has been replaced by moss. Maybe that explains all the 100 year old drainage channels around here.

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